AICTE Approved, Affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal



IEI-The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI]

It is a statutory body to promote and advance the engineering and technology, established in 1920 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. It is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of engineers encompassing 15 (fifteen) engineering disciplines with a Corporate membership of over 2 lakhs, and serving the nation for more than 9 decades. The IEI has its headquarters located in Kolkata with national presence through more than hundred Centres and several Overseas Chapters, Foras and Organ.

NX & Solid Edge Software

Research lab of department is equipped with licensed NX 11 and Solid Edge 2019 software’s. The software’s play a vital role to improve the knowledge of students with regard to CAD/CAM and CAE applications. The software facility is also used for development of major and minor projects and research and development work.


The department have an SAE BAJA Club that comes under the “Society of Automobile Engineers International” for improvement of knowledge related to design and manufacturing of off road cars. Students under the SAE BAJA CLUB develop the off road cars during the time of completion and engage into discussion for knowledge development related to automobile throughout the year.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a student chapter of ISHARE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning) with more than forty active student members. Student, under ISHARE receive the benefits of industry visits, placement and webinars that are organized throughout the year. Students also get an opportunity to interact with industry personas and technical experts.

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