29-March - 13-April 2023

Tech Talk

Tech Talks helped us to avoid the issue of knowledge being siloed within one or two people. Ideally, all knowledge should be public or attainable by all team members.
Dr. Krishna R. Reddy, a Distinguished Researcher & Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois, gave an expert lecture on Sustainable and Resilient Civil Infrastructure on March 29, 2023, at the Civil Engineering Auditorium of PIEMR Campus. He emphasized the importance of considering SDGs to create sustainable structures and discussed the 64 sustainability and resilience indicators. The lecture was interactive, and over 250 students and 75 faculties attended the session.

The Tech Talk event on April 10, 2023, featured Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur from IISc Bangalore, who discussed Neuromorphic Computing. He talked about the neuronics lab, the power consumption of the brain, and the importance of continuous learning. Around 150 students and 12 faculties attended the session.

Mr. Dipanshu Parashar, CEO of Virtual Cyber Labs, conducted a tech talk on ethical hacking on April 11, 2023, at Urjotav 2k23 at PIEMR, Indore. He explained the significance of ethical hacking and how it helps organizations secure their systems against cyber-attacks. The session was attended by 123 students and 12 faculty members.

Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna, COO of Patanjali Food Limited and founder of the Academy for Self Maximization, conducted a session on Corporate Work Culture on April 12, 2023. He stressed the importance of purpose, passion, and potential in life and discussed the seven steps of Manifestation through continuous learning.

On April 13, 2023, Mr. Kunal Ghosh, Director and Co-founder of VLSI System Design Corp., Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, conducted a session on RISC-V Learning and VLSI Chip Design. The session comprised two labs that provided a practical understanding and hands-on experience of RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture and chip testing techniques and tools. The interactive and informative sessions gave valuable insights to attendees.

The Tech talk sessions yielded significant outcomes as attendees gained valuable knowledge about sustainability and resiliency and the significance of developing sustainable and resilient structures. The sessions equipped the attendees with knowledge and skills that have practical applications in multiple fields. Additionally, the attendees received invaluable insights into the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity, and the speaker shared his experience and expertise on corporate work culture. The sessions were interactive and informative, particularly regarding VLSI chip design and testing, providing attendees with a practical understanding of the subject.

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