AICTE Approved, Affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal
AICTE Approved, Affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal

Feb 22, 2023

Structural modeling of lean supply chain enablers: a hybrid AHP and ISM-MICMAC based approach

Received 16 August 2021
Revised 13 September 2021
Accepted 24 September 2021


Purpose – Today the role of industry 4.0 plays a very important role in enhancing any supply chain network, as the industry 4.0 supply chain uses Big Data and advanced analytics to inform the complete visibility. Latest data are available to bring clarity and support real-time decision-making in the entire supply chain that’s why adopting optimization techniques such as lean manufacturing and lean supply chain concept for enhancing the supply chain network of the organizations is a good idea and would benefit them in increasing their cost efficiency and productivity. The purpose of this work is to develop a technique, which may be useful for future researchers and managers to identify and classification of the significant lean supply chain enablers
Design/methodology/approach – In this paper, the authors considered hybrid analytical hierarchy process to find the ranking of the identified lean supply chain enablers by calculating their weightage. Interpretive structural modeling (ISM) is applied to develop the structural interrelationship among various lean supply chain management enablers. Considering the results obtained from ISM the Matrices d’Impacts Croises Multiplication Appliqué a un Classement (MICMAC) analysis is done to identify the driving and dependence power of Lean Supply Chain Management Enablers (LSCMEs).
Findings – Further, the best results applying these methodologies could be used to analyze their interrelationships for successful Lean supply chain management implementation in an organization. The authors developed an integrated model after the identification of 20 key LSCMEs, which is very helpful to identify and classify the important enablers by ISM methodology and explore the direct and indirect effects of each enabler by MICMAC analysis on the LSCM implementation. This will help organizations optimize their supply chain by selective control of lean enablers.
Practical implications – For lean manufacturing practitioners, the result of the study can be beneficial where the manufacturer is required to increase efficiency and reduce cost and wastage of resources in the lean manufacturing process, as well as in enhancing the supply chain
Originality/value – This paper is the first research paper that considered firstly deep literature review of identified lean supply chain enablers and second developed structured modeling of various lean enablers of supply chain with the help of various methodologies.

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