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Structural modeling of lean supply chain enablers: a hybrid AHP and ISM-MICMAC based approach

Asst. Prof.(Dr.) Hemant Sharma

Research Areas - Structural modeling

Evaluating solutions to overcome humanitarian supply chain management barriers: A hybrid fuzzy SWARA – Fuzzy WASPAS approach

Asst. Prof.(Dr.) Sachin Agrawal

Research Areas - Humanitarian Logistics

Optimization of weld bonding process parameters of austenitic stainless steel 304L and low carbon steel sheet dissimilar joints

Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) Lokesh Kumar Boriwal

Research Areas - Manufacturing Process

Internet Of Things (Iot) In Agriculture

Prof. (Dr.) Dipti Chouhan , Asst. Prof. Pritika Bahad , Asst. Prof. Rupali Pathak

Research Areas - IOT

Image contrast enhancement using unsharp masking and histogram equalization

Asst. Prof. (Dr.) Shikha Purwar

Research Areas - Image Processing


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PIEMR in September received a grant of Rs. 20 Lacs from the AICTE, under the MODROB scheme. The...
Recently, PIEMR in collaboration with SAEIndia set up a pro-automobile enterprise in the UG campus. SAEIndia is an...
Virtual labs are the medium to remotely access the much-needed disciplines of Science and Technology. The time of...


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